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Fourteenth Finance Commission

  • The Fourteenth Finance Commission (FFC) was constituted by the President on January 2, 2013 to give recommendations on specified aspects of Centre-State fiscal relations during 2015-20. The Commission submitted its Report to the President on December 15, 2014.

    The FFC was, inter-alia, mandated to recommend measures needed to augment the Consolidated Funds of the States to supplement the resources of the Panchayats and Municipalities based on the recommendations of the respective State Finance Commission (SFCs).

    Fourteenth Finance Commission Performance Grant Scheme

    The FFC stipulates that a detailed procedure for the disbursal of the Performance Grant to Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) would have to be designed, subject to certain eligibility criteria. Under the 14FC, an amount of Rs. 87,143 crore are to be devolved towards the ULBs over a time period of five years, from 2015-2020. 80% of this amount forms the Basic Grant and 20% of the amount is the Performance Grant. These funds are only to be devolved for basic services and O&M purposes by ULBs.

    Fourteenth Finance Commission
    Guidelines for Release & Utilisation of Grant Recommended by the 14th Finance Commission 4.9 MBswf-image
    Toolkit for 14th Finance Commission Performance Grant Scheme3.56 MBswf-image
    Sanction Letter for Release of 1st Installment of 2015-16 relating to General Basic Grant337.67 KBswf-image
    Sanction Letter of Penal Interest Against Delay of Release of Fund of 2015-16443.13 KBswf-image
    Submission of Audit Accounts Report for Biswanath Chariali Municipal Board4.65 MBswf-image
    Submission of Audit Accounts Report for Dergaon Municipal Board3.95 MBswf-image
    Submission of Audit Accounts Report for Hailakandi Municipal Board2.74 MBswf-image
    Submission of Audit Accounts Report for Morigaon Municipal Board3.77 MBswf-image
    Submission of Audit Accounts Report for Naryanpur Municipal Board3.8 MBswf-image
    Submission of Audit Accounts Report for Palashbari Municipal Board1.93 MBswf-image
    Audited Account, SLB Data of Naharkatia Town Committee2.43 MBswf-image
    Service level Benchmark Data & Annex-2 of Hailakandi Municipal Board576.28 KBswf-image
    Audited Accounts of Silchar Municipal Board13.74 MBswf-image
    Submission of Information on Audited Accounts of Bihpuria Municipal Board 4.12 MBswf-image
    Submission of Data for 14th Finance Commission for the Year 2014-2015 and 2015-20164.06 MBswf-image
    Audited Account of Dergaon MB for the Year 2014-154.99 MBswf-image
    Budget Submission of Dergaon MB for the Year 2017-18628.24 KBswf-image
    Service Level Benchmark of Dergaon MB for the Year 2016-17 121.9 KBswf-image